Welcome to Drury School!





Drury School was established in 1857 and has a long and proud history. 

Our school is a full primary that provides quality education for students from Years 1 – 8. This continuous education has allowed the school to develop an atmosphere that we believe produces well rounded students ready for their secondary education and beyond. High standards of conduct and responsibility are expected of all students. 

Our aim is to develop confident, open minded thinkers who possess a positive attitude.

We have very dedicated staff members who strive to unlock the potential in every student as we grow lifelong learners.

Drury School is also fortunate in having a Board of Trustees, a Friends of Drury School parent group and community who are extremely committed and work very hard in support of our school and students.

We are a Green-Gold Enviro School and have very attractive grounds including a large hall, swimming pool, astroturf and two adventure playgrounds.

Clive Morris