Calf Club Day – Saturday 26 September 2020: General Information


Our annual Calf Club/Gala Day will be held on Saturday 28 September 2019. Below is the general information which pertains to Calf Club each year at our school:

Calf Club day is classified as a school day and all students are expected to attend (in mufti). A day in lieu is usually granted after Labour Weekend (confirmation of this will be made via our school newsletter).

School buses do not run on Calf Club Day.

Calf Club is a tradition at Drury School.  This is a day in which the school and community come together.  Families new to Drury School may be unsure of how our Calf Club Day operates.  In the 1950's, rural schools throughout New Zealand, including Drury School, ran Calf Clubs at their schools.  The children were taught how to rear calves and lambs and each child kept a daily diary noting feed times and how well the animal performed with calling and leading.  On Calf Club Day, the animals were paraded in front of the judges and ribbons, certificates and cups were duly awarded.

Times have changed since then, but many of our children continue the tradition and raise lambs, kids, piglets, chickens or calves for our Calf Club Day.  Other children enter their own pets, and are also expected to be able to tell the judges how they care for them. Cups and ribbons are presented after judging on the day.

All children exhibit art and craft entries which have been completed at school. 


Lambs/Kids: ( born after 1st May)

Children are expected to feed and train lambs/kids themselves. The more time given to playing and training will pay off on the day. Lambs/kids are judged on the following:

Leading: A map may be obtained from the office which gives the measurements between obstacles the lamb/kid is expected to go round, over, or stop at.

Calling: The lamb/kid is taken a distance away and the child must call to them. (A treat works well when training for this event i.e. pellets or raisins etc).

Export: Judges will examine for export suitability.

The overall Champion of Champions is then chosen.

Lambs must not be brushed but hooves may be trimmed and cleaned on the day, dags trimmed, and faces and ears cleaned with a damp rag.

PLEASE NOTE that due to the arrival of Mycoplasma bovis we will not be having calves in 2018.

Piglets(born after 1st May – ideally 6-8 weeks prior to Calf Club)

Children are expected to feed and train the piglet themselves.  They are judged on (1) Leading, (2) Calling and (3) Rearing

Chickens:  (Pre-ordered and 1-day old chicks collected from school on 22 July)

Judging on the day will include child/chicken relationship, rearing  plus a “My Chicken and Me” photo.


All dogs entered require to have current vaccinations  and be registered.  They will be required to weave in and out of 4 cones, jump over a log and obey simple commands i.e. sit, come etc.


Our hardworking Friends of Drury School run the Gala side and organise numerous events during the day.  This is the School’s major fundraiser for the year and these funds are used to help provide the many extras offered in the school programme.  During weeks leading up to Calf Club, flyers will be sent home requesting goods for stalls i.e.books, sweets, cake stall etc. There will also be an opportunity for you to help out on a stall for a short time on the day (many hands make light work!). Please offer to support this group when assistance is called for.

  • Keep an eye out for FODS Flyers (Gala side) and Newsletters for Calf Club updates
  • Children may continue to train their Calf, Lamb or Kid to be entered in the Eastern School’s Group Day (schools take turns to host this day) and/or the Franklin Group Day (held at the Pukekohe Showgrounds) regardless of their success at our Calf Club – dates of these events T.B.C.
  • For children not entering ring animals they may bring a pet for the indoor section – cat, bird, fish etc. and will be asked by the judges how the animal is looked after,  what it is fed etc.
  • Registration Forms to enter ring animals, indoor pets or dogs are available from the school office or can be downloaded (see top of this page).
  • No dogs other than those entered in the Dog Section are to be brought to school on the day please.
  • Another information sheet will be sent home during the week prior to Calf Club outlining the day’s expectations.
  • Please do not hesitate to inquire at the office if you have any questions.