All primary school age children whose parent(s) or legal guardians reside within the designated geographical zone, as shown on the above map, are entitled to enrol at Drury School.

Click here for a link to the Ministry of Education website which also contains the map outlining the Drury School zone. Once the link has opened, simply type “Drury School” into the search box on the top left – then scroll down to Drury School. Click on “Show/Hide Enrolment Zone”. Then simply zoom in and out to establish zone boundaries etc.


Great South Road ( North), up including Gatland Rd on Right hand side.
Great South Road (North) up to 503 on Left hand side.
Re Parkhaven – All of Cooladerry/ Drumkeen and Kilmacrennan
30 Parkhaven Dr ( and greater) (evens)
71 Parkhaven Dr ( and greater) (odds)

Sutton Road to right hand bend over Railway Line including York St and Murray St

Waihoehoe Road – all – including Flanagan Rd
Fielding Road
Cossey Rd
Appleby Road – all – including Harry Dodd Rd.
Cossey Rd
Puriri Lane
Drury Hills Road – including Elizabeth Place
Tairare Drive
Macwhinney Drive

Fitzgerald Road from Drury Hills Rd – including Brookfield Rd

Great South Road (South) to Runciman Rd
Runciman Road up to and including Kincora Lane (687 Runciman Rd and greater)
– including Ngakoroa Rd
Burtt Road up to and including Needham Rd – (179 Burtt Road and greater) – including Cheritan Lane
Cameron Place – all
East Steet – all
Cross Street – all
Tui Street – all
Jesmond Road – all
Bremner Road – all
Norrie Road – all
Firth Street – all
Mercer Street – all
Burberry Rd and side Roads
Tegal Road – all
Pitt Street – all


In light of our current and projected roll growth and development in our home zone, the Drury School Board of Trustees has decided that 2020 out of zone enrolments will be restricted to the following priorities:
Priority Two: Siblings of current students who have conformed to the expected school behaviour standards
Priority Five: Children of Board members and children of staff employed at the school




As part of the enrolment process, parents need to bring the following: children’s birth certificate or passport, immunisation certificate and proof of residence in zone eg power/telephone account, rental agreement.

Enrolment packs are available at the school office.

NEW ENTRANTS:  School visits are one of the many chances you have to help ready your little one for the next step on the New Zealand education ladder.  Starting primary school can be an anxious time for all involved.  There are so many new terms, processes and routines to understand.  There are also certain ‘markers’ by which you can measure how ready your child is for school, things like being able to recognise their own name, be on the way to reciting the alphabet and knowing basic colours.  We hold a “New Parent” gathering once a term for the parents of new entrants who will be starting the following term where more information is given out on this.  See our “Getting Ready for School” booklet below.

New Entrants usually have two orientation visits prior to their start.  These are held on Thursdays.  The aim of the Orientation visit is to familiarise your child with their classroom, teacher, fellow students, the toilets, lunch eating areas and routines carried out in the class.  It is an opportunity for our new pupils to meet their first teacher and new classmates.  School visits are all about creating a familiarity for the child and an understanding of what happens in the classroom for the parents.  Visit One is from 8.40am – 9.30am and involves both the parent and child.  Visit Two is from 9am – 10.30am and is just for the child.  (Children who turn five over the Christmas/summer holiday period and are due to start at the commencement of Term 1, take part in a group “Orientation Day” prior to the end of the year.)  See our “Welcome To Drury School” booklet below.

Getting Ready For School Booklet
Welcome To Drury School Booklet